3D Image Flyer Poster Template

8.5”x11” poster with 2 image folders, 2 main headline styles, CMYK , 300dpi, crop lines, color bleeds. This awesome poster is so easy to modify – only 2 photos to replace and they will take the exact position/angle and have appropriate highlights and gamma. There’s a layer (in each of 2 picture layer folders) called “PicHolder – right click and choose “replace Contents”, browse to your image, load it and move it around to position the way you want. It will properly break in the right places, just like in the preview. I have made a movie poster preview, but you can use this for all kind of events, even as a cool photo frame. To replace text, do the same thing with text layers inside 4 layer folders. Right click on the layer folder called “Text1_RightclickEditContent” and do exactly that:) Can’t be any easier than that. There are few highlights that you can move around to enhance the effect, but everything is pretty much already set. Layers are organized and properly named, easy to follow. Images are not included, but you will find Picture Placeholders (rightClick_replace Content). Fonts used: Bebas Neue (free font:http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font) trajan pro – only if you are using the second style of the main headline – (http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?productid=159646) franklin gothic (http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?productid=151822) included: -1x.PSD file -preview -info

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