Artistic Flyer Template

This 8.5”x11” poster is very easy to modify. You’ll find the image Holder (as a smart object layer called ImgHolder_rightClick_replaceContents). Just right click on it and choose “replace contents”, navigate to your own photo and load it. Then position and resize if needed. Same thing with text. When you right click on the layer that contains the smart object of the text you want to change (Header and sub-header), choose “edit contents”, then type your text, resize if needed and save it. It will change in the main file. there are 2 gradient layers toward the top of the layer’s palette that you can activate to get more colorful lights (see example 1). also, there are light swirls and sparks that you can move around and position to fit your image. Font used: Impact included: - 2x .psd - preview - info Images are not included.

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