Broken Mirror Flyer Template

This very unique and original poster design takes your photo, it doesn’t just put a mask on top of it, but actually breaks it the way real mirror would break, adds layers of reflections, shines and shadows on top of it, then colorizes your photo. Text will automatically break, no matter which font you use and it will create a reflection below. Perfect for event posters, movies, parties, book & ebook covers, and as a general purpose flyer. To replace a photo – find a layer called “ImageHolder-RichtClick_replaceContents” and right click on it (in the layers palette), then choose “replace contents”, browse to your photo and load it. Then position it, resize the way you want. Same thing with text – the layer is called “MainText…” right click – Edit contents. Edit text, save file, position it in the main poster file. Fonts used: Tutura Post Script 1 (T1), but any of these Futuras will do ( Also, you can use other fonts. Included: - .PSD file - preview - info

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